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What is my favorite portrait session locations in the DMV?

Updated: Mar 22

I will be honest this is a hard question, if you live in the DMV area then you are fully aware we have spectacular places to take portraits. Choosing just one is “Crazy talk” I think the answer to this question also depends on the season. However, I do have a favorite that no matter the season offers the most spectacular backdrop for my clients.

The Lincoln Memorial. Might be the most beloved location for photographers in the DMV as it offers ample ambient lighting (depending on the time of the day and weather of course) and several different spectacular background options.

Lincoln Memorial is open 24 hours a day which means it’s perfect for sunrise and late-night portrait sessions. It offers street parking if you get there early enough. This means if you are doing a sunrise session or a late night session parking will not be a major concern.

Listen to me when I say this is a vital component in the DC area. Parking is one of the first things I discuss with every client once we have decided on an outdoor Monument session. As we live in a tourist-driven city which requires that we choose times to work around that fact constantly.

The additional level beneath the memorial offers rest rooms another reason why it’s an ideal location as this allows a place for your client to change their wardrobe and refresh their makeup.

Let’s talk about the aesthetics of the granite at the terrace level which gives off perfect lighting conditions most of the time if you’re a natural light shooter. I love the back end of the memorial which offers trees and shrubs as well as a street view. Most people shoot in the front or on the stairs or by the reflecting pool or terrace.

However, you can climb down the back and have your client sit on the memorial to give it a different perspective and angle.

You can take a short walk and your in a park. You can walk a slightly bit further and there is a manmade pond which offers the Washinton Monument. n one location you can have each of the following features in the background: Water, Park, Street, Two different Monuments. I keep finding small pockets all around this memorial yet to be fully taken advantage of. Writings at the top of the stairs in the cement. Locations in the back by the shrubs overlooking the street.

This makes this an ideal location for Graduation portraits, Engagement portraits, and Personal portraiture. The various ways we can shoot at this location makes it extremely ideal and why I love it. If you are interested in scheduling your portrait session please click on the link below and let’s schedule your session today.

Andrea A. Photography, LLC

Gaithersburg, MD

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