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Sage advice for New Mother's to be.

Updated: May 8

Pregnancy and childbirth are incredible experiences that can bring immense joy to our lives.

However, the journey of motherhood can also be overwhelming and exhausting, especially in the early days after giving birth. That's why it's essential for new and expecting moms to give themselves time to heal and recover.

The first few months after childbirth are crucial for your physical and emotional wellbeing. Your body has gone through a lot, and it needs time to adjust to the changes brought on by pregnancy and childbirth. It's normal to feel tired, sore, or even experience mood swings during this time.

One of the most important things you can do is to listen to your body and take things slow. Rest as much as possible and make sure to eat healthy foods and stay hydrated. Your healthcare provider will be able to give you advice on postpartum care, including any exercises or practices that can help speed up your recovery.

It's also important to approach your postpartum journey with patience and kindness towards yourself. Don't compare yourself to other new moms or put too much pressure on yourself to bounce back right away. Remember that everyone's recovery journey is different, and it's okay to take things at your own pace.

Mother's Day is a perfect opportunity to celebrate all the new and expecting mothers out there and to remind them of the importance of taking care of themselves.

We need to create a supportive environment where we can share our experiences and offer support and encouragement to one another.

I invite experienced moms to join the conversation and share their postpartum journey and the tools they used to cope with the challenges of motherhood. Whether it's practical tips or emotional support, let's create a space where we can uplift and empower each other.

In conclusion, new and expecting moms should give themselves at least 9 months to heal after childbirth. This period is crucial for your physical and emotional well-being, and it's essential to take things slow and listen to your body.

Let's use this Mother's Day as an opportunity to celebrate and support all the amazing mothers out there!

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